Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna | ERASED ED

Here’s a cover of Sore wa Chiisana Hikari no Youna by Sayuri (although we used the dj-Jo version) that’s very dear to us—we love ERASED, and we love this song. The lyrics parallel Satoru’s heartbreaking dilemma as he tries his best to redeem his past.


Though I am the only one who looked at you
I saw your past and your future too
The happiness and sadness you’re feeling

I had always thought when the time came for me to grow older
I’d change and be kind, no longer cold
But I’m still the same as when I played those childish games

All I want is to shield you from the dark I see
Awakening inside of me
The other side’s becoming my reality
In this city where the two of us hid long ago
We watched the falling of snow
That was strange and unknown
I am branding within me my deepest scar
You are the sole memory that I carve
Into me, it throbs with my lonely heart
I’m retrieving this song
To return your smile where it belongs
Oh it has been too long

There are many rooms I enter that I walk for a lifetime
Cause the clocks are still not beating in time
And we’re like cogs, though words we’ve combined
Are misaligned

I’m just playing hero when I claim I’ll save you on my own
Cause I’m still crying when I’m all alone
My faltering hands are now losing the you I’ve known

Run away from this world that’s tearing at the seams
A spreading prayer so black it muffles your screams
Poisoning both you and our gate of dreams
These fingers that caressed you, dear, don’t let them near
Now they’re deformed and unclear
Twisted shapes you should fear
Still I choose to reach out with this shattered hand
Although it hurts I’ll make this last stand
Following faint hopes of that promised land
So will you lead me through to a future where you will sing to me
Will you lend me your song?

Can I trust in a warmer place?
Where I can hold you close and see your face and keep you safe
The past is gone without any trace
All this kindness that was once devoured by sadness comes, oh
Through thick blankets of snow
In the night it will glow
And you light my heart up with a budding flame
Like an old scar that I now claim
When I’m bathed inside your smile I’m not ashamed
So please smile for me now
Take your song and let go
Light awakens the world
From the darkness it holds
So just sing it out, my dear
Let hope ring so clear

Did you know that it was I who looked at you, it’s true




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